Join the SHOCFC 100 Club for a Chance to Win $2,000

Join the SHOC Footy 100 Club
for a Chance to Win $2,000 Cash

Round 2 Vs GAZA

Saturday 13th April
12pm Start

SHC Main Oval – Conference Centre


Tickets ONLY @ $100 each

Tickets include:

Entry for 2 people
2 Complimentary Drinks per person (Beer, Wine or Soft)
(Plus) Discounted drinks All Day
$2.50 Beer, Wine & Champagne



Start of A Grade (2:00pm) – $100 Mediterranean Café voucher
Quarter Time – $100

Half Time Main Prize – $2000   Cash


For more information contact Adam “Spud” Marling at either 0447 666 322 or