Men of SHOC – Lucky Dave Underwood

Gold Card Favorites

Lucky Dave Underwood

This week’s Zoot Scooter Gold Card favourite is Lucky Dave Underwood. This giant of SHOC folklore has found himself humbly rotating the magnets each week but still managing to somehow successfully channel the Ragnar Lothbrook in Moleskins ensemble.

As a young man he was controversially cut from Sturt Juniors (where he got a game largely based on his older brother’s exploits) before a stint at Greek Camden and became known as ‘Garlic’ Dave Undopolous. He became one of legendary ‘heroes of 94’ winning a Premiership at Maitland before dipping his toe in the fetid water with the Murray Bridge Ramblers. It was here he won his greatest football prize meeting his future wife Sheridan.

By the mid 90’s the lure of Blessed Marcellin was too much to resist and like thousands before him found his way to Paringa Hall. Most will be stunned to know that he only played a princely total of 34 games for the club but left a legacy bigger than an ALP Budget deficit. When he donned the sacred ‘les bleus’ strip he took the field with such ferocity at the ball (and sometimes the man). With a gun barrel straight kick and hands like a G clamp he was rarely beaten in the contest.

When he arrived at the contest…he arrived violently. He was never one to provoke but the Gaza fullback must have felt like the guy that killed John Wick’s puppy when he decided to poke the bear one day. However with the help of some teammates horrendous lying under oath – the tribunal found no case to answer.

Boxing Day 1997 saw him viciously cut down in his prime by an errant bullet from an Elephant Gun on the Yorke Peninsula. The carnage wreaked on his knee saw him rewarded with the moniker “Lucky” for the rest of his life. Gone was his once blistering speed and the big fellow now moved at the pace of continental drift.

On September 11, 2001 business opportunities found him ironically flying a hot air balloon around America. He was very lucky not to be blown out of the sky by USAF sidewinder that day but ultimately unlucky as he was cruelly denied a chance to be part of Judgement Day at Edwardstown A and B grade premierships.

This infamous night the legendary Pearl Jam song ‘Lucky Dave’ was born and he loved nothing better than belt out the song on a BMH table, drop the strides and treat any vaguely interested onlooker to a tour of his bullet wound.

Now a 20 year veteran of the club he can fondly sit back in retirement (on his Zoot Scooter with reinforced shock absorbers) and oversee next generation of SHOC Underwood’s coming through.

Here is an extract taken from the Superstar of SHOC Calendar – beefcake edition 1998

Dave Underwood Beefcake